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In 1955, the Sacramento Union ran a photograph of a 100-year-old walnut tree’s felled trunk. In the foreground were a Woodland ranch owner and a Sacramento lumber buyer who had purchased the trunk from the ranch owner for $1,000. Unanswered by the caption was how this 17-ton object had been placed intact on a flatbed truck. A clue, however, was in the photograph’s upper left corner, sitting high atop the log and identified as a ranch employee: Haywood Scott.

Haywood held various jobs while he and brother John tried to make a go of a house moving company they created in 1949 after coming to California from Missouri. Thanks to Haywood’s persistence, Scott Heavy Movers Inc. became a full fledged company in 1959, Haywood’s son, Charley, later told the Sacramento Business Journal. An adolescent at the time, Charley was already active in the business, at least in mind if not yet muscle.

Charley and brother Bill succeeded Haywood and by 1988, under Charley’s leadership, their company grossed $500,000 a year and owned $1 million of equipment. The company’s resume included moving the entire 56-home foothill town of Standard, moving a 400-ton 2-story office building in Berkeley, moving a 55-foot high guard tower at California Medical Facility in Vacaville, and moving the Lake Tahoe ferryboat Tahoe Queen. A year later, the Scott Heavy Movers Inc. would help restore scores of Bay Area houses shaken from their foundations by an earthquake.

Charley passed away in 1993, and his son, Charley Jr., then a journeyman in the heavy mover

firm though only 24, partnered with Uncle Bill to take Scott Hoeavy Movers Inc. to further heights. Major jobs have included the transport of 400,000 pound transformers, the relocation of the historic Victorian Mory’s Place in downtown Sacramento, and the moving of a 400-ton 3-story section of the Peppermill Hotel and Casino in Reno.

Like his father, Charley Jr., now leader of the firm, is a perfectionist who works 12 hours or more day, seven days week. “We have never been a company that has settled for just OK,” said Charley Jr.. “Everything has to be just right.”

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