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Structure Moving

Our professionals have moved houses, public buildings, historic buildings, office buildings, commercial buildings—even an entire town—through every sort of terrain. Moves have ranged from a few feet to miles over roads straight and winding in rural settings, residential neighborhoods and central business districts. We are accustomed to working under the scrutiny of the media, historic societies and bystanders attracted to our major jobs. We are also highly experienced and innovative in meeting the challenges of moving structures in California and Nevada foothill and mountain locales.

Industrial Hauling

Our riggers and truckers are skilled at rigging, moving and hauling heavy industrial loads. We carefully plan each job to ensure that no aspect of machine or equipment relocation is overlooked. This includes

meeting the special requirements of medical, printing, manufacturing and construction relocations. Our equipment is capable of handling hundreds of tons of heavy machinery, transformers, boats, bridges, piping and other super industrial loads.

Structure Raising

We work with foundation repair contractors to raise buildings for the construction of additional foundation support through footings, stem walls and driven pilings. Buildings are also been raised to construct basements, provide additional elevation for flood protection, or enable complete reconstruction of foundations harmed by earthquakes or flooding. Projects have included structures on hillsides and mountainsides. They have included returning structures to their original levels or to a level several feet higher.

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